"...With a peculiar voice of his own, Sebastian Frisch a.k.a. Pangani takes psydub to the outer limits. His debut album, In The Moment, is filled with beautiful, mind-bending, dexterous programming. Crafty synth work, crisp complex beat construction and warm fat basslines are spiced with flashes of electric guitar, saxophone, EWI, vocals, flute and English horn. It’s a stream of passion that pays tribute to its luminary, spiritual ancestor, without imitating or recycling. Pangani is definitely a creative force on the rise and In The Moment is hopefully a harbinger of even better things to come...."

"Pangani took over the SOLAS Stage with little more than a sound deck and his own ingenuity and turned it into a huge party. The Austrian DJ created immersive soundscapes that turned the forest into faraway and unreachable places. From bubbling, pressurized sounds that created imagery of being under water, to flowing, muffled tracks that – if we can take a bit of creative license – can be described as the sounds of your own body, if you were nestled underneath your rib cage and listening to your own heart and pulse. " Latitude Festival

"...Was man sich jetzt unter „Dubby Storytelling“ vorstellen kann? Diverse Label-Pressetexter würden es wohl als „sphärische, geerdete Musik in multiplen Facetten, die man so noch nicht gehört hat“ beschreiben. Ich formuliere es hier mal salopp: Musik, die man an einem beschissenen, regnerischen Sonntag, wo die Milch für den Kaffee aus ist und auch noch der Strom ausfällt, hören möchte. Oberflächlich könnte" man sogar von „schöner“ Musik sprechen. „Schön“ allerdings im positivsten Sinne..."

"...Frisch's background is in Sound Art and Computer science, and he classifies himself as an artist, a sound designer, a developer and obviously a musician. He is obviously incredibly talented in his field, and while looking him up the creativity he applies to capturing sound is incredible...."