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In kiswahili, the word “Pangani” describes a place of spirits, where energy can be felt and vibrations make you move.


As a sonic storyteller, Pangani fuses otherworldly soundscapes and deep basslines into adventurous psychedelic dub. Detailed synth work and crisp complex beat constructions are braided with flashes of vocals and acoustic instruments, to create bubbling and pressurized imaginary sound worlds.

In Pangani’s live shows, sound-designed puzzle-pieces meet the "foleyboard", a self-built percussive synthesizer. It contains a sound reactive wooden surface, on which all kind of objects, like seeds, sand or brushes are used to generate sounds, which are than manipulated to shape sonic landscapes. This setup enables him to improvise and let his audience experience electronic live music in a one-man-band setup.


Pangani is an austrian psychedelic music project formed by Sebastian Frisch in 2014.
His musical journey guided him through reggae bands, street-music in kenyan hoods, sound-art installations and various electronic music explorations all around the world. During his master studies, he started to develop his pangani performance setup. Instruments like the foleyboard enable the artist to freely play in the moment and let his audience experience the magic of sound creation.
Pangani self-released his debut Album ‘In The Moment’ through a crowdfunding campaign in 2016.

Selected shows

Boom festival 2016 [PT]

Everness Festival 2016, 2017 [HU]

Latitude Festival 2016, 2017 [UK]

TodaysArt Festival 2016 [NL]

Live show recording

my debut album

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Freshmania | Studio for immersive experiences
Sebastian Frisch
Obere Schörihub 15
4810 Gmunden

Tel.:0043 / 676 9 266 324
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