Psychedelic dub

Pangani fuses otherworldly soundscapes, driving rhythms and deep basslines into adventurous psychedelic dub worlds. As a wizard of consciousness, Pangani explores various realms of immersive concert experiences to expand his universe of musical expression.

A multi-sensorial performance, which uses spatial sound, coloured light and diffused essential oils to explore perceptions of sound.

The whole music setup functions as an instrument in itself, which makes use of experimental live instruments and digital dub techniques, to playfully explore new sonic territories.

An immersive Audio / Visual experience, where kaleidoscopic fluids are dancing to enhance imaginary aspects of music.

In Ritual

In Ritual is a synesthetic live performance, which merges spatial music, environment lighting and vaporised scents, to create a multi-sensorial concert experience.

Light scenes and essential oil mixtures are carefully composed to enhance the musical experience, by taking multiple sensorial aspects of the body into account.


Past Rituals
21.06.2019 – Everness Festival, Balaton [HU]
20.06.2019 – Everness Festival, Balaton [HU]
09.03.2019 – Offtheater, Salzburg [AT] *Album release*
19.04.2018 – AberJa!, Vienna [AT] *Bicycle Day special*
20.01.2018 – Kaleido, Salzburg [AT]
11.11.2017 – Altes Spital, Viechtach [DE]
01.04.2017 – V2_ , Rotterdam [NL]
19.01.2017 – Performing Sound – Gallery 5020, Salzburg [AT]
19.03.2016 – Kinocafe, Taufkirchen [D]
13.12.2015 – Moë, Vienna [AT]


Field-recordings and sound designed elements meet the Foleyboard, a self-built percussive synthesizer.

My approach to Live music finds its roots in techniques, developed by Jamaican Dub legends like King Tubby or Scratch Perry in the 1970s. I use a custom built 8-channel mixer with LP/HP filters on each channel and a separate SpaceEcho effect on a touch device. Studio produced sounds can be dubbed (combined and manipulated) while playing. It feels like reshaping puzzle-pieces as you assemble the overall picture during a performance.

The Foleyboard is an analog/digital space machine. Its played with any real world object, which makes sound as it hits the vibration sensitive wooden board. The picked up noise is manipulated by a versatile effect system and transforms it into a morphing sound sculpture. This setup gives me the possibility to react in the moment and brings theatrical elements into my live shows.


InVision is an immersive Audio / Visual experience, where mesmerising kaleidoscopic fluids enhance the musical sensation.

The visuals are real-time generated by a homegrown video synthesizer, I started to develop in 2017 . It uses a choreographed fluid simulation, which listens to the live music and responses in morphing kaleidoscopic landscapes. While working with this visual instrument, my main interest is the creation of morphing spaces, by playing with repetition, movement, color, form and depth.




Live Mixes




Tba. June 2020, Hungary


31.10.2019 – Shakespeare, Salzburg [AT]
25.10.2019 – altes spital, viechtach [D] (InVision)
19.10.2019 – audio & basta, starnberg [d]
29.08.2019 – psyfi festival, leeuwarden [nl]
24.08.2019 – xps sound, salzburg [at]
23.06.2019 – everness festival (mainstage) [hu]
21.06.2019 – everness festival (ritual) [hu]
21.06.2019 – everness festival (ambient music workshop) [hu]
20.06.2019 – everness festival (ritual) [hu]
20.06.2019 – everness festival (ambient music workshop) [hu]
07.06.2019 – tree of life festival, seedcamp [at]
31.05.2019 – trippin to taurus, böllerbauer [at]
24.05.2019 – minerva records, salzburg [at]
09.03.2019 – album release show (ritual) – offtheater, salzburg [at]


06.12.2018 – jazzit salzburg [at]
25.10.2018 – pressure festival [at]
01.9.2018 – positive vibrations festival [at]
10.-12.08. – ( 3x 2h shows! ) Chillout Stage @ Free Tree Festival [AT]
15.7.2018 – shankra festival [ch]
154.7.2018 – sonic laboratory Workshop, shankra festival [ch]
5.-8.07.2018 – flow festival 2018 [at] (alternative stage)
5.-8.07.2018 – flow festival 2018 [at] (avaloka tempel)
30.06.2018 – thalmeier 150 years, marienplatz dorfen [de]
22.06.2018 – salon magika, vienna [at]
25.-26.5.2018 – elements festival [at]
12.5.2018 – sonus sonorum goes rockhouse, salzburg [at]
19.4.2018 – pangani in ritual !bicycle day! special, aberJa! vienna [at]
26.01.2018 – aberja!, vienna [at]
20.01.2018 – living room ritual @ kaleido, salzburg [at]


11.11.2017 – in ritual @altes spital, viechtach [de]
23.09.2017 – back to nature festival [tr]
26.08.2017 – progress festival [at]
18.08.2017 – new healing festival [de]
16.07.2017 – solas, latitude festival [uk]
13.07.2017 – solas, latitude festival [uk]
22.06.2017 – everness festival [hu]
03.06.2017 – tree of life festival [at]
01.04.2017 – in ritual @ V2_ ,  rotterdam [nl]
19.01.2017 – in ritual @ performing sound,  gallery 5020 salzburg [at]


29.10.2016 – 20 jahre mma, arge salzburg [at]
15.10.2016 – powerplant ape, dorfen [d]
08.09.2016 – in ritual @ polyart studio, böheimkirchen [at]
30.09.2016 – Vernissage Festsaal, Böheimkirchen [AT]
23.09.2016 – TodaysArt Festival, The Hague [NL]
14.08.2016 – Chillout Gardens, Boom Festival [PT]
13.08.2016 – Lecture Performance “Our World of Noises”, Boom Festival [PT
21.07.2016 – Gärtnerplatz Alm, Munich [D]
16.07.2016 – solas, Latitude Festival [UK]
14.07.2016 – solas, Latitude Festival [UK]
01.07.2016 – Everness Festival [HU]
24.06.2016 – Aloft Munich [D]
28.05.2016 – Sonnenland, Simmering – Wien [AT]
25.05.2016 – Ottensheim OpenAir Warm-up Party,Stwst Linz [AT]
15.04.2016 – The Glasshouse Project, Vienna [AT]
19.03.2016 – in ritual @ Kinocafe Taufkirchen [D]


13.12.2015 – in ritual @ Moë Vienna [AT]
12.09.2015 – Freaks in Love Festival [TR] – Day set
11.09.2015 – Freaks in Love Festival [TR] – Night set
06.09.2015 – One Love Festival [UK]
06.06.2015 – Tree of Life Festival, Kauzen [AT]
07.04.2015 – Psy Dub Lab, Ljubljana [Sl]
25.04.2015 – RIIBA, Izola [Sl]
23.04.2015 – Live at Radio Student, Ljubljana [Sl]


04.12.2014 – Bar 45, Munich [DE]
04.06.2014 Dinner Cafe @ Villa K, The Hague [NL]
11.05.2014 Dalai Lama Nederland, Rotterdam [NL]
05.04.2014 Sunflower Collective @ Hoop, The Hague [NL]
31.03.2014 Sonology Showlab @ De Vinger, The Hague [NL]


Ambient Music Lab is an open workshop, where participants are invited to explore the depth of our sonic world with the creation of floating ambient music.

I’m always looking for set and settings to open the Ambient Music Lab for new people. Please get in contact if you want to connect and share ideas.

The Lab is an extended version of the Pangani live music setup in ambient mode, where different types of microphones/pickups (Air, Surface, Water,  Electromagnetic,.. ) are connected to discover hidden sonic landscapes around the workshop space. Visitors are encouraged to play, explore, listen, improvise,.. to open up their ears to little sounds, which are mostly filtered out by daily routines.

Its about free/basal sonic expression without the need of any musical knowledge, sparking audible curiosities in everything and making ourself more aware of our sonic realities in daily life.


As a sonic wizard, Pangani fuses otherworldly soundscapes, driving rhythms and deep basslines into adventurous psychedelic dub worlds.  Detailed synth work is braided with flashes of vocals and acoustic instruments to create bubbling and pressurized sound worlds.

In kiswahili, the word “Pangani” describes a place of spirits, where energy can be felt and vibrations make you move.

Pangani is formed by Sebastian Frisch in 2014. His musical journey guided him through reggae bands, street-music in kenyan hoods, sound-art installations and various electronic music explorations all around the world. During his master studies, he started to develop his performance setup. Instruments like the foleyboard enable the artist to freely play in the moment and let his audience experience the magic of electronic live music.
Pangani self-released his two Albums Superdeep (2019) and In The Moment (2016) through a crowdfunding campaigns. His tours brought him to many beautiful festivals like BOOM Festival [PT], Psy-Fi Festival  [NL], TodaysArt Festival [NL] and Latitude Festival (Solas) [NL].


Each one of those wonderful people poured a little of their soul into the Pangani universe and helped shaping it into its current form.

If you would like to know a bit more about their fascinations, please click on their image to reach their personal sites.


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