Pangani In The Moment cover


1. Dreaming Wanderer

2. Under The Air

3. Foggy Fungus

4. Impermanence

5. Unification

6. Hydroculture

7. Purple Elephant

8. Creme Brulee

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About Album

The complete CD case is made out of 100% biodegradable material without any plastic.

In The Moment Cover cutout

The booklet is set behind the laser cut front cover and is visible through the cut out segments. The tray is made out of cork, which will hold the CD in an alternative, yet secure environment. Track titles are stamped by hand into the cover.

In The Moment open

Each Track is represented through a specific symbol. The Album cover image exists out of all symbols combined.

This project was made possible through the help of my generous kickstarter backers:
Beat Lechmann, Daniel Schöllhammer, Dave Krooshof, Florian Kamstra, Joey Krietemeyer, Kat Austen, Katharina Hanke, Lord D Vadher, Luka Tratnik, Mathias Hausmann, Niklas Juchem, Philipp Eibl, Philip Schicker, Rick Everts, Sebastian Schmid, Sebastian Swat, Simon Meusburger, Thomas Lechner, Trala Lama, Walter Steiner, Zachary William Esarey

Featured Artists:

Vocals, Flute (Track2): Irene Neine Neirenà
Saxophone, EWI (Track 1, Track 4): Reindert Spanhove
Vocals (Track 1, 4): Leah Uijterlinde
Vocals (Track 5): Alex Alden
French horn (Track 7): Alison Wilmers
E-Guitar(Track 2, 3, 5, 6, 7): Dominik Faltlhauser

All tracks are recorded, produced and mixed by Pangani.
Mastered by Michele Gaggia | Digital Natural Sound

Label: self released

Release Date: Juli 01, 2016

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