Pangani Superdeep cover


1. Jungle Of Dissolution

2. Rainbow Nosed Gorillas

3. Mud Man

4. Twisted Roots

5. Tiny Temples

6. Serious Happiness

7. Fabric Of Time

8. It's Easier Dub

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The concept of depth was an important part in the design process of the packaging and resulted in a box, where one has to dig *super*deep into the packaging to get the full experience.

Pangani Superdeep

The single parts to make this cover are self lasercut in a maker lab and assemble by hand afterwards.

Pangani Superdeep parts

Details of the artwork are shining through the cut outs of the front cover. The pine wood of the lid is finished with Shou Sugi Ban, a japanese wood flaming technique. The natural pattern of the pine wood gives each cover a unique surface.

Each Track has its own symbol and colors. The album artwork forms a kaleidoscopic mosaic out of them.

Pangani Superdeep mosaik

Thanks to all the kickstarter supporters, who made this possible!

Théo, Guy Schneider, Clemens, Morison Bennett, Peyman Aparviz, Steve Bosman, Daniel Schöllhammer , Jana, Christian Ripfl, GD, Trala Lama, Tracy Perry, Steiner Walter, Sharnam Chopra, Andreas Gruber, Bubblewrap, Jim Piper, Michael Hawkins, Bruno Bär, Dave Krooshof, Synchronos Recordings, Jonathan Reus, Janna Sky, Zoltan Erdei, Michael Honig, Herman Seidl, Jason Taylor, Jakob Christensen, Mario Engelberger, Beat Lechmann, Lisa Groeger, Dom Stellato, Mihai Sebastian, Garrett Long, Florian, Couderc, Beltmaha, The Creative Fund by BackerKit, Basa Robert, Ian Liquid, Peter Eich, Niklas Juchem, Philipp Franz, Yannick Allard

Featured Artists:
Clarinet (Track 2): Bogdan Bikicki
E-Guitar (Track 2, 6): Dominik Faltlhauser
Flute (Track 1): Irene Neine Neirenà
Flute (Track 8): Ester Ganzenbacher
Harmonies (Track 4): Ester Ganzenbacher
Harp (Track 2): Milica Pašić
Saxophone (Track 3): Reindert Spanhove
Percussions (Track 1): Maximilian Kanzler
Vocals (Track 1): Timothy Morton
Vocals (Track 2, 6): Klara Klančnik
Vocals (Track 3): Elisabeth Marschner
Vocals (Track 4): Rahel Frisch
Vocals (Track 5): Irene Neine Neirenà
Vocals (Track 7): Stefano Sergbi
Vocals (Track 8): Scarlett crow
Track 8 is a remix of the accapella track ‚It’s easier‘ by Scarlet Crow.
Written by Mama Crow, Mama Crow Vocals, Marya Stark Vocals
All tracks are recorded, produced and mixed by Pangani.
Mastered by Michele Gaggia | Digital Natural Sound

Label: self released

Release Date: Januar 16, 2019

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