Field-recordings and sound designed elements meet the Foleyboard, a self-built percussive synthesizer.

My approach to Live music finds its roots in techniques, developed by Jamaican Dub legends like King Tubby or Scratch Perry in the 1970s. I use a custom built 8-channel mixer with LP/HP filters on each channel and a separate SpaceEcho effect on a touch device. Studio produced sounds can be dubbed (combined and manipulated) while playing. It feels like reshaping puzzle-pieces as you assemble the overall picture during a performance.

The Foleyboard is an analog/digital space machine. Its played with any real world object, which makes sound as it hits the vibration sensitive wooden board. The picked up noise is manipulated by a versatile effect system and transforms it into a morphing sound sculpture. This setup gives me the possibility to react in the moment and brings theatrical elements into my live shows.